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about us

We are people from all walks of life who value Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward.

We are entrepreneurs who place a high priority on becoming better versions of ourselves through mentoring, training, and associating with other positive goal-setting leaders. 

We believe that if you wake up in the morning with more confidence, higher self-esteem, better relationships, more energy and a plan for a better life, you can succeed with our mobile commerce business plan. 


Our Purpose

We exist to...

We believe people have incredible potential and place the highest priority on empowering an individual to use their strengths, gifts and talents to live successfully.


We partner with candidates through a proven mentorship program and by building strong and authentic relationships while creating an asset.


We impact people across the globe by sharing life-transforming principles of entrepreneurship and by leading people to become better versions of themselves.

Make Work Fun!

We believe in cultivating a culture of honor by creating a fun, high energy and safe environment where individual achievement is celebrated.


Our team

A super fun group of goal setting leaders!
Luz Sellers

Business Owner

Mimmie Sjoberg

Business Owner

Jason Adams

Business Owner

Ron & Sylvia

Business Owner

On Our Team


Our Business Asset

It takes hard work to build an ongoing income but it's worth it

Mobile Commerce

Use the power of your mobile device and a few key apps to make connections and build your asset.


Training & Mentorship

Candidates are taken through a vetting process based on selection vs recruitment.


Products & Points

Become a #PFA, Professional Financial Athlete, and rep your brands like a sports hero.


An Ongoing Income

Your business depends on you becoming the best version of yourself ~ learning and growing through mentorship.



Meet some average people who used our business system to build a successful life.

We believe our work matters, it’s where we spend 1/3 of our lives. It shapes who we are, how we feel, and significantly contributes to our overall confidence. Great work experiences and a healthy culture can dramatically affect our future. This inspires us to create something special and this website is just the beginning. 

When we are at our best, we make everything and everyone, BETTER. When you get better, life get’s better. That’s why our slogan and purpose are centered around one simple aspiration of ‘doing life better.’ 

Brad & Kim DeHaven

Independent Business Owners: San Diego, CA


How We Work

Our candidates are thoughtfully chosen.
For Mentorship

Our academy selects candidates through an interview and selection process. Ask how to qualify.

Prove Yourself
Through Homework

Candidates build a case for themselves by developing an entrepreneurial mindset through suggested foundational books, videos and audios.

Earn An

Candidates demonstrate they are appreciative and ready to earn a spot at the mentorship table by being humble, hungry and honored.

Build Your
Business Asset

Academy mentors lead candidates through the next financial requirement steps of team standards, policies and expectations to build their asset.


Academy leaders learn, do and then teach others the interview vetting process and the selection of quality candidates. 


Leaders who become Master Selectors and Selection Experts are celebrated and rewarded for their achievements.

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